Elswick & Freckleton Preston

MB6IPR 70cms Fusion gateway

Connecting Amateurs around the North West

MB6IPR Information.

I am awaiting a new 70cms radio and a MMDVM Repeater Board to arrive so will be fully operational very soon! So for now its reduced output.

Remember to check the status page and twitter for updates…

Thank you for using our gateways, we hope you enjoy using them.

MB6IPR is available for around 8 hours a day in line with OFCOM regulations. The gateway also gets shut down for routine maintenance.

This is a simplex gateway and can be found by tuning your Yaesu Wires X compatible radio to 431.125Mhz then hold down the Wires X button and you will then be connected to the gateway.

The gateway can be left connected once you have finished using it, no need to disconnect it.

Please respect other users and leave a few seconds gap between overs to allow the network to catch up. Thank you.

More information on our QRZ page..


Coverage of MB6IPR