Elswick & Freckleton Preston

MB6IFR 70cms D-Star Gateway

Connecting Amateurs around the North West



MB6IFR D-Star Gateway!

Please program your radio to access the gateway like this..



I am using a Yaesu FT7800 as the gateway radio connected to a MMDVM Repeater Board on a RasPi

This is Located in Freckleton, Preston and the frequency is 431.1375Mhz

This gateway is running up to 8 hours a day in line with Ofcom Regulations.

Thanks for using one of our Gateways and enjoy it!

Please respect other users and leave a few seconds gap between overs to allow the network to catch up. Thank you.

More information on our QRZ page


This is a multimode licenced gateway but is currently just running D-Star until I have the funds to buy a more suitable radio as my BER for DMR was quite high.

Coverage of MB6IFR