Elswick & Freckleton Preston

GB3EP 2m analogue voice repeater

Connecting Amateurs around the North West

Welcome to Red Rose Repeater Group!

We really hope you enjoy using our gateways and our brand new 2 meter Analogue Voice Repeater!

GB3EP is located in the beautiful village of Elswick near Preston.

Band: 2M  (RV59)   Output frequency: 145.7375 MHz  RX Frequency: 145.1375 MHz
This is an ANALOGUE VOICE REPEATER  [CTCSS tone is 82.5 Hz]

We are currently in the process of getting all the parts needed to finalize the repeater and should be operational very soon. Please keep your eye on the status page for up to date information,

The Repeater is a Tait T355 Receiver and T356 Transmitter, with a Zetron Model 38A Repeater Controller.

GB3EP will be on the Hubnet Network! More information on Hubnet can be found on their website by clicking here.

We are super close to getting the repeater on air, we are in the process of sourcing a cavity.

Please keep checking back for further updates…

Coverage of GB3EP